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© Linde Gadellaa

Viewed on the map, the sea appears to be mere padding between stretches of land. Invisible are its fearsome depths and its all destroying power.

For centuries, songs have been sung and played in honour of the sea, of the bold adventurers who dared defy her and the loved ones they left behind.

Seaside serenade
The main inspiration for this video was this magical image with negen harps at seaside that used to hang in my harp classroom (by Salvi). My teacher told me that they were the women and children waiting and longing for their fathers and husbands at sea. I have always wondered what it would sound like. With Astrid Vroegindeweij-Broekema and her harp ensemble.
Picture by
Reinier Gadellaa
-Video fragment-
2"13 min
Music: An adaptation of Bugeilio’r gwenith gwyn by John Tomas