Daar waar de echo weerkaatst
Where the echo reverberates
-Pictures of the book-
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-Item by Omroep Flevoland-
January 2019
De nieuwe Bibliotheek Almere

It is the page in my hand where we meet and tell tales.

I found writers, poets and artist who could tell the stories behind the images I created in my dark room.

The images seemed to belong to fairytales or stories. I did not know which stories these could be, but I found writers who were able to create them. My photograms and their stories a bundled in the book "Daar waar de echo weerkaatst".

A fantastic co-operation with Arno Kramer, Danial Keshani, Erna Kappe, Monika Auch, Bart Poel, Justine le Clercq, Reinier Gadellaa, Leo van Zanen, Aletta ten Hoff, Simon Oosterhuis and Jan de Groot. Cover design by Marleen Kappe.

The books have all been finished by hand including 10 of my color photogramms accompanied by 11 texts the writers and poets wrote inspired by the images.

The books are 45 euros ex. shipping. There are a few pieces left of the first print.

The fotograms are for sale in a edition of 3.


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