May 2019
A portrait of Mostapha El Madkouri.

Mostapha, a man dressed in
jeans and jumper.
Talks a lot but shows little of his hart.

Untill he mentions strong women and their power.

Cinderella a Berbers' tale,
Kahina the Berberse freedom fighter and the women who raised him
en de vrouwen die hem opvoedden in the Reef mountains. Aswell as his daughter and all the good he wishes her.

I have weaved an adornment for Mostapha, a hood as one of a traditional Berber robe. With inbedded texts from the fairy tale from the Reef, undyed ecologically sheep's wool, cotton and jute. The hood worn on his back shows the inside with Berber symbols, the symbol for woman, refering to his daughter, carrying her with him, surrouned by the symbol for butterfly. Airy, yough and free.

Life in the back yard

The parents

The artists

The family portrait

Het vaderschild
The paternal shield

/-Article- by Den Haag FM
-Article- in Den Haag Centraal
-Pictures- last by Harm Jan Bakhuis
Video projections of Sami, son of Mostafa Hilali.

A portrait of Mostafa Hilali and his army jacket for the exhibition VERHALEN VAN STOF (fabric tales) at Pulchri Studio. Organised by Justine le Clercq with portraits of knows citicens of the Hague by artists from the Hague.


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