*Linde Gadellaa
*Curriculum Vitae

*Snow whites' apples
*Snow whites' elixir
*The cantus
*Modern knights
*King and farmer
*200 Keys in cookies
*Conceptual catering

*Non food projects:

*Pagina in Nederlands



© Linde Gadellaa

Magic can be found, you just need to change the way you perceive.

I create installations and food experiences like Snow whites' beauty elixir,
or Snow whites apples, 200 keys hidden in cookies, a cantus to unite, or a feast for modern knights.

*Immerse yourself in the dark Beatrixpark of Almere june 2021 with the art ambassadors and try my 'gateway appatizer' inspired by the Entrance portal by Pjotr Muller. For more information here.

*Fancy a nice summer walk? Visit my latest installation 'The easy way' in the art route at Natuur park Flevoland up from mid-June 2021