*Linde Gadellaa
*Curriculum Vitae

Food projects:
*Snow whites' apples
*Snow whites' elixir
*Entrance porch
*The cantus
*Modern knights
*King and farmer
*200 Keys in cookies
*Conceptual catering

*Non food projects:
*Art park Lelystad
*City of books
*Waiting lanterns
*Handbook to the sea
*Sirens song
*Seaside serenade
*La Mer
*The wind orchestra
*Escaping paradise
*The tower
*The giant of soil..
*Conceptual portraits

*Pagina in Nederlands



© Linde Gadellaa
Magic can be found, you just need to change the way you perceive.

I create installations and food experiences like Snow whites' beauty elixir, or Snow whites apples, 200 keys hidden in cookies, a cantus to unite, or a feast for modern knights.

*Saturday the 13th of May, between 2 and 4 pm, visit our Flash art sale, where five of my photograms will be sold for only 100 euros including the frame. (anonymously)

*Cycle along my artwork the 10th and 11th of June on the route 'Art from Hier tot Ginder'. We will transform the village orchard into a wedding party to taste the flavour of love in Lettele 'de smaak van de liefde in Lettele'

*Up from the opening the 2nd of July 14:00 my work 'on the edge' can be found in the water of NatuurKunstPark Lelystad