I see nothing but cages
And I only dream fences
Photogramms 18 - 24 cm
April 2016

365. Those with walls are powerfull people
Series of 7 prints dry point
May 2016


De koning (The king)
Performance Festival The Hague This is live! Poetic in performance
-Documentation video- -Pictures-
Pictures are made by Performance site The Hague
July 2017

If you won't buy the cow,
what can one feed him?

Haven't we all forgotten
to pay the farmer too?

I grew up reading the stories about brave farmers protesting with pitchforks again Kings' high taxes

I wonder wheter today things are still the same nowadays with extreme price pressure by the market. Dairy farmer Johan Koot and pig farmer Elly Michiels-Fleuren had to serve King Hans Bosklopper. As his servants they took 62 potatoe, veg, meet meals to his table in half an hour

Sweaty hard working farmers and poor artists who ate all the remains.

Earthworm the giant of soil life.

September 2019

This summer at the harvest festival the 21th of September 2019 my artwork for city farm The Kemphaan will be revealed. An ode to all that lives in the soil and gives life.

Farmlife is not only the cows and the cabbage to harvest, everthing in connected.

City farm the Kemphaan not only has cows, chickens, ackers full of biologic dynamic vegetables, it has worms, beetles, ants, ladybirds, woodlice, snails, crickets, fungi and bacteria. Fed by cow poo compost they fertilise the land. Their circulair farming is an upwards spiral where all the elements make one another stronger..

"Where they burn books, they will also burn people." Heinrich Heine.

-Video fragment-
(one minute of combined video)

The installation consists of three videos, Thirst (11:34 min), Foddering (2:58 min and Expanding pig (0:54 min) which playfully research our consumer society in a performative way.


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Work as Cook

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