On the right you see where my work is currently shown.

On the left in Art there are images of all my works by year. More information about the projects can be found at the different project headers.

You can also hire me as vegetarian cook for artistic appetizers, unique bites for art events, edible performances and intimate home dinners.

I can be found at Corrosia expo as a exhibition tourguide for youth and as the vegetarian cook of the childrens daycare center de Lentemorgen.

info @ lindegadellaa . nl

*At 12:00 on the 21th of September my artwork for Stads-boerderij Almere will be revealed . Welcome!-Pictures-

*Until Oktober my new work ivy is shown at Natuurpark Flevoland.

*Be welcome at the Labrinth of the Senses! The opening will be the 27th of September at 17:00 at Forem Almere-Stad. Here my edible artwork 'What does beauty taste like?' will be shown.-Pictures-

*There are some copies left of Daar waar de echo weerkaatst (There where the echo reflects) for anyone who would like to support the project. The hand altered book filled with my photograms can be ordered via this website. -Pictures-
-News item-


Own projects:
- There where the echo reflects
- Let us toast..
- An ode to the sea
- Snow whites' apples
- King and farmer
- Portraits
- Around the table
- Walls and towers

Work as Cook

Hand made




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