As an artist

I long to combine daily life, which is sometimes so very gray and boring, with fantasy worlds I like to immerse myself into. Knights, dragons, quests and hero's. Making the imagry of my mind reality.

Therefor I combine traditional music, fairytales, (contemporary) myths and traditions with my own collected stories about other people. I am looking for a moment where reality merges with imagination.
Therefore I like to work in projects in which I need others helping me to fulfill them.
I am not a lonely artist.

Preparing, composing and directing moments in the finest detail --> and then time goes on. With me on the side the work grows, by the people around it, the participants, the time or even the flood rising.
The work goes beyond me, it becomes reality.

Hein Walter wrote
Linde Gadellaa is a new media artist, there is not jet a sufficient word to describe what her practice is: she directs, instructs, composes, assembles... Her work makes you think of the idea of Gesamtkunst, which is the ideal interplay of Arts. Linde’s work is more than bringing together different disciplines. It becomes a place where people meet.

Using old the old disciplines like painting, photography, video or graphics when needed. Besides her interest in using old-fashioned and modern rituals from different parts of society, the main themes in her work are dining together as well as telling contemporary visual fairy tales.


Own projects:
- There where the echo reflects
- Let us toast..
- An ode to the sea
- Snow whites' apples
- King and farmer
- Portraits
- Around the table
- Walls and towers

Work as Cook

Hand made




© Linde Gadellaa