Apples for
snow whites

Young fair snow white,
take the apple, pick and taste
let the witch seduce you.

Modern Snow white,
why do you eat the apple?
Because of it's shine and shape?
Is the apple always healthy?
Will he make you beautiful?

Smart snow white
Do you know?
Who gave the apple
its fine taste?

Modern wizards,
artists, scientists.

Do you dare?
-Pictures- by Erwin Budding


I am the modern witch who seduces Snow whites with my promise of eternal beauty and health.

Will contemporary pesticide sprayed apples continue to keep the doctor away? While the youngh girl do everything to become the prettiest. But do the youngh ones find their way to fruit anyway?

In my protective clothing advised by the food and drug administration, I inject my secret elixirs in your apple.

Do you dare?
I can not garantee you might became a prince or a frog..

This foodart project was developped for the City Senses trust.


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© Linde Gadellaa