Welcome visitor, I would like to show you the art projects I have realised the past years. They are about the things which are important to me and I am pleased to share the ideas behind the work with you. Do not hesitate to contact me I you have remarks.

On the right you see where you can presently find my work outside the virtual world.

On the left in Art you can find images of all works made by year. More depth about the art projects can be found by clicking on the different projects underneath Art.
Single artworks are roughly divided in a sersies of portraits, artworks around the table and walls and towers.

You can also hire me as vegetarian cook for artistic appetizers, unique bites for art events, edible performances and intimate home dinners

info @ lindegadellaa . nl

* The book Daar waar de echo weerkaatst (There where the echo reflects) is finally finished. An exciting cooporation with Aletta ten Hoff, Arno Kramer, Marleen Kappe, Justine le Clercq and more. You can order a copy via this website see The echo.

* Omroep Flevoland made a nice item about the bookpresentation of Daar waar de echo weerkaatst
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* Labrinth of the Senses is finally happening! Be very welcome at the opening the 27th of September at Almere Stad city center.

* 21st of September my artwork for city farm de Kemphaan will be revealed be welcome as well!


- Tableware

- The Echo
- King/farmer
- Let us toast
- Ode to sea
- Snow white
- Portraits
- At the table
- Walls/towers



© Linde Gadellaa